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Julia Springer in front of one of her works on display in a juried show

Julia Springer | Convergent media artist

Meet Julia Springer

Julia is a self-taught artist. She creates art to color your world AND to help fund Parkinson’s disease research through the Michael J Fox foundation.

Born in England, Julia currently lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Since 2016 she has held dual US/UK citizenship. Julia prefers to think of herself as a “citizen of the world” having lived for several years in Kenya and in Portugal. Nomadic, and a lifelong expat, she loves to travel and explore new places. However, Julia would rather be a traveler than a tourist, and likes to spend several weeks or months (if not years!) in a place, rather than just “passing through”.

In Julia’s own words…

Light energizes me – it always has! For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to light. The green light of an impending storm. The golden hues of a sunset. The interplay of light and shadow caused by reflected light. I love to see the light bouncing off the ripples of a rushing stream, or reflecting off a window into a gloomy alleyway between densely packed buildings in a city.

My convergent media work is not only inspired by light, but truly captures the energy of light.

First, my starting image is “drawn with light” through the medium of photography.

I then digitally process the images in my “light room” using multiple software programs. I create multiple versions of the imagery – different exposures, versions that I have painted using digital brushes, and digital sketches. Next, I blend these together to achieve my own vision of the scene. I will incorporate other related elements – or text – into the background, if appropriate.

Typically, I also add in some pure light from other photographs, to emphasize the luminosity within the picture. Emphasis is given to the lines of the focal point using an embossed effect. I will often apply a paint or canvas texture to the whole scene too. Embossing and texture add a slight 3-D effect to the final print. When I work with portraits I lean towards a watercolor effect, so embossing and texture are less common.

Combining artistry with technology

In 2016 I invested in new heat press technology. This allows me to decorate metal, ceramic, textile and other substrates. I use a permanent technique referred to as dye sublimation. Items decorated in this way will not scratch or fade under normal usage. I produce these in my home studio in Shepherdstown, WV.

My works look great on a wall. Consider a metal print, or even a custom ceramic tile mural as interesting alternatives to a traditional print under glass. Canvas or acrylic are also available options, though production of these is outsourced.

Decorated home decor items

Not everyone has room for more wall art. For this reason I also produce a variety of home decor and lifestyle items decorated with my art. Brighten your living room with some new designer accent pillows, or cheer up your workout with a colorful water bottle.

Commission work

Would you like a custom piece? Perhaps even a cluster of pictures as a wedding gallery on your wall? I have worked with several collectors to produce one-of-a-kind pieces, based either on my commissioned photography or a favorite picture of their own. More information can be found on my Painted Memories studio page.

I will also produce personalized items that are perfect for your wedding. I work with the bride to create a design that may include your wedding colors, theme, date, monogram, or the names of the bride and groom. You can buy the copyright to use the single design for your stationery and favors. Alternatively I will use the design, and variations on it, to produce a range of wedding decor items and wedding favors for you. I can even provide invitations, reply cards…

Open editions

Open editions of my wall art can be purchased in various sizes and on a variety of media, all backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Finally don’t forget to join the “Collectors’ Club” (my mailing list) to have access to exclusive offers and discounts, and to be the first to hear about new work and exhibits.




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