For some time I have faced a dilemma in describing my art. It’s certainly not pure photography, but to describe it as digital art, whilst not incorrect, tends to make people believe that it is computer generated. So what exactly is Convergent Media and why do I now describe myself as a convergent media artist?

My works all start with my own photography, but the finished result typically has a very different feel to the image that comes out of my camera.

Just as photographers through the ages have taken their film into a darkroom and altered the final outcome by the use of different developing techniques, I use various software programs to modify my starting image.

Often I shall make several iterations of the photographic image – altered contrast, enhanced saturation, often a line drawing – and then layer these, allowing me to create a pen and ink feel. I use digital brushes to literally paint on my images, and I blend my images. I may add a texture, perhaps taken from another photograph, or combine multiple images before I can print the work that I originally envisioned.

Currently I am experimenting with the use of acrylic paints on the printed canvas, adding yet another dimension to the mix.

Recently I have been listening to Jason Horejs, of Xanadu Gallery, and Barney Davey, author of Guerrilla Marketing for Artists. In 2007, Barney coined the term Convergent Media for work similar to mine, reflecting the similarity between traditional mixed media and work that blends multiple influences, digital technologies and artistic techniques to produce the final work.


And so I have started my Convergent Media Art blog… dedicated to my collectors and to lovers of my artistic style. Here you can read about my sources of inspiration, share the background behind some of my works, and generally get to know me better.

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