Welcome to my blog index

Here you will find snippets from my most recent blog posts.  Dedicated to all lovers of my style of convergent media art, and especially to my collectors, my blog is intended as a forum to let you get to know me better.  I shall be sharing some of the stories behind my art, and giving you some insights into “what makes me tick.” I also hope to share helpful tips on choosing and displaying art… plus anything else that I think you might find interesting.

It’s important to me to get to know my audience, so please leave a comment and start the conversation!  I’d love it if you would share my blog posts with any friends or family you think would enjoy them, and if you like my work, consider joining the Collectors’ Club to keep up to date with my work and to benefit from special offers and promotional codes.

Urban Greenery

Maybe it's because I am somewhat vertically challenged, but when I am exploring a city I always find that my eyes are drawn upward. Seeking the light, and the angles of the rooflines. But sometimes it leads to a pleasant surprise. This urban greenery - trees and...

Plans for 2017 – this is it!

Taking the plunge So, what are my plans for 2017? Well, in less than 2 weeks I shall retire from my 30+ year career as a veterinary pathologist and become a "full-time" artist. Dave and I have decided that we will forego the financial security of my job in favor of...

An Artisan’s Affair – Prints in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness

An Artisan’s Affair will be held at the Clarion Hotel in Shepherdstown on Sunday, June 1, 2014, in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. Featuring guest speakers Tony and Jonna Mendez, real-life heroes portrayed in the movie Argo, and a silent auction of artworks (including my own), this promises to be a great afternoon. What better way to support a great cause?

What is Convergent Media?

For some time I have faced a dilemma in describing my art. It’s certainly not pure photography, but to describe it as digital art, whilst not incorrect, tends to make people believe that it is computer generated. So what exactly is Convergent Media and why do I now describe myself as a convergent media artist?

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