I thought you might enjoy a video of my process, so I have created this series of screenshots.

This original photograph was taken over the wall of the Shepherd cemetery on New Street, looking toward the east.  My first step was to remove the distracting power lines and telegraph poles. Next I increased the contrast and added some “pure light” by blending with a Hubble telescope image of the Orion constellation. Various texture layers were blended to alter the color and to give more interest in the sky, and I painted in a flock of birds.

The flat, modern-looking roofline in the foreground was distracting to me, so I decided to crop the image and to paint in some extra foliage along the lower edge. I then reapplied the techniques that I had used previously.

I softened the image away from the focal point by applying a watercolor wash, and enhanced the edges using a pencil. Another layer of Orion was added for extra pop, and I embossed the edges, giving a 3D effect to the final artwork.

Enjoy, and please share with your friends!