Portrait of young girl with golden hair

Who doesn’t think of their grandchildren as little angels? This one has the halo to go with it!

A new adventure…

Today I am starting a new course run by my mentor, Sebastian Michaels – 21 Days to Creative Abundance. Much credit for my artistic style goes to Sebastian’s Photoshop Artistry courses. Totally addictive, Sebastian’s courses are truly a “purchase that goes on giving.” By the end of this course, I hope to be creating one new work every day. Having been preoccupied with many other things in my life recently, this will be quite the challenge! But accountability is important, and I am hoping to recruit your help.

I shall try to post each of my new works here, on my blog. Follow along with my journey, watch my work evolve, and ENJOY!

Please leave your comments below – both good and bad – to spur me on in my creative endeavors. You are also very welcome to share any posts that you particularly enjoy with your friends and followers on social media.