Spanish Windmill by Julia Springer

Spanish Windmill

Taking the plunge

So, what are my plans for 2017? Well, in less than 2 weeks I shall retire from my 30+ year career as a veterinary pathologist and become a “full-time” artist. Dave and I have decided that we will forego the financial security of my job in favor of the opportunity to have fun, “while the going is good”. Of course, we still hope that his PD will progress slowly or that a cure will be found. With luck, we shall still be globetrotting and making memories 20 years from now. But, either way, we only found each other 8 years ago, and we want to take this chance to travel and explore together!

“Bricks and mortar”

I plan to meet many more of you in person at local craft markets this year. Make sure that you are on my mailing list to keep in touch with events that I shall be attending.

I would also like to find some museum shops or gift stores willing to carry some of my products. Should you know of a store where you believe my work would be a good fit, please let me know. If you are a retailer interested in stocking some of my products, please request a wholesale catalog.

Work with me

Don’t forget that I do offer commission pieces using your photos. If you are local, I can even take the photographs myself. I can then produce your finished artwork in whichever format you like – as free hanging wall art, as a ceramic tile mural, or on a glass canapé platter for example. I can also personalize the range of products that I offer using your photography. Possibly useful for other local photographers and artists? If you want to know more, just use the contact form to get in touch.

As you may know, I now decorate most of my home decor products in my studio in Shepherdstown, subject only to size limitations. Quality is important to me, and I use only high quality materials and suppliers.